Department of Mathematics

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Associates of Mathematical Sciences

The goal of the Associate of Science in Mathematical Sciences (ASMS) degree is to prepare students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related fields. The ASMS program contains the necessary mathematics and general education requirements to seamlessly transfer to any Montana four-year institution. Upon completion of the ASMS students will have completed the general (CORE) requirements set fourth by the Montana University System (MUS) as well as the mathematics requirements found in the first two years of the STEM-related degrees offered by MUS institutions

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Bachelors of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education

The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education – Mathematics (BSSEM) is to prepare graduates for successful careers as mathematics teachers in middle and high school levels. Graduates of the BSSEM will be eligible to apply for licensure as secondary mathematics teachers in the state of Montana. The majority of the BSSEM required coursework is advanced mathematics beginning with Calculus I. In addition to the mathematics course work additional courses are required in education as well as the general education course requirements. Graduates of the degree program will meet the state’s academic requirements for highly qualified secondary mathematics teachers and become one of the most sought after teaching candidates in Montana secondary schools. The program design emphasizes the development of teachers prepared to effectively meet the needs of middle and high school learners, particularly rural and American Indian learners. A key strength of the program is the requirement for students to participate in numerous clinical experiences in which they spend significant amounts of time observing and working in classrooms to help with their preparation as professional educators.

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